Courtney & Kodie: Barn Wedding {Sandra Jackson Photography Parker, PA}

I first met Courtney and Kodie at a Pirate's game. It would be an awesome story if we met randomly and connected over baseball and photography wouldn't it? Kodie is my best friend, Jen's, nephew. She'd invited us all to join her at a game. It's a summer tradition for us! I was super excited to meet Courtney especially when I found out she was a photographer! I love talking shop. I'm not going to lie, when Courtney asked me to photograph her wedding I was a bit intimidated. I actually had nightmares that I lost all my gear and/or memory cards leading up to the big day. In one dream I even knocked over the cake! Luckily none of those dreams came true and Courtney and Kodie's day went off without a hitch. It was truly special seeing my friend and her family celebrate Kodie and his new wife. Weddings always make me a little weepy and this one was no exception. All that love in such a small space is bound to turn on the feels. 

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