First Birthday Balloons {Sandra Jackson Photography}

I love a little sparkle and this session had enough to go around!  I can not get enough of those pretty gold balloons and the confetti.  I think all first birthdays should include confetti cakes! What do you think? 

Everyday Moments: Noodle Making with Grandma

I've been making noodles with my grandma for as long as I can remember.  When we visited my grandparents in the summer we'd always request  a fresh batch, and that always meant that we'd help mix, roll out, and cut the dough by hand.  We didn't mind the work too much because we knew the results would be delicious noodles!  This fall I invited grandma over for a noodle making day.  Actually we made noodles a couple of times! It's important to me that Erin and Hayden have this experience with her, that they learn the passed down art of noodle making.  It's even more important to me that I capture these moments.  When I look back at my childhood, making noodles with grandma and Aunt Susie is one of my most treasured memories.  I wish someone had thought to capture those moments on film for me.

Western Pennsylvania Photographer Butler Clarion Kittanning 
Noodle making always starts with my great grandmothers tried and true recipe. 

Western Pennsylvania Photographer Butler Clarion Kittanning
Just the right amount of flour is added.

Western Pennsylvania Photographer Butler Clarion Kittanning

Everything is mixed together. 
 Western Pennsylvania Photographer Butler Clarion Kittanning

 Western Pennsylvania Photographer Butler Clarion Kittanning

Western Pennsylvania Photographer Butler Clarion Kittanning

Grandma prefers to mix with her hands rather than a spoon.  She says her hands just work better! 

And then you must knead.....
Western Pennsylvania Photographer Butler Clarion Kittanning

Western Pennsylvania Photographer Butler Clarion Kittanning

and knead some more!
Western Pennsylvania Photographer Butler Clarion Kittanning

Then you roll them out. There are no photos of this process because I was to busy catching and laying out noodles! 

We lay them out to dry on the same sheet we used when I was a kid. 
Western Pennsylvania Photographer Butler Clarion Kittanning

Western Pennsylvania Photographer Butler Clarion Kittanning

I think we let these dry for about four hours before cooking and eating them! They were just so irresistible!
I have another noodle making day planned for tomorrow! My goal is to can some of the noodles, but we'll see if they last long enough for me to do that!

My favorite part of this noodle making session was Hayden deciding that one of the  rolls of dough was his "baby".  He refused to let us roll it out because he thought it would hurt it.  He carried it around in a bowl for a couple hours and then it was tragically eaten by our dog, Mya. 

What's one of your favorite every day moments?  What memory can you share with your children/family and capture on film for them? 

Unicorns, rainbows, and sparkles! {Sandra Jackson Photography Emlenton PA Photographer}

This session was so much fun!  Who doesn't love unicorns, rainbow, and sparkles?

Senior Season: Tips for great senior photos! {Sandra Jackson Photography}

Graduation has come and gone and a new group of high school students find themselves on the cusp of their senior year.  This is such an exciting time with so many things to look forward to. One import experience is your senior photo session. For many this may be the first time you've  had photos done in several years. If the last time you sat in front of the camera involved a lace bonet or a onesie you're going to want to read this.

I've been lucky enough to photograph high school seniors for the past six years. They are truly one of my favorite types of sessions. Over the years I've gathered some tips to help make each seniors session perfect.

1) Book early! Many seniors want fall photos. With the changing Autumn colors fall is a gorgeous time for photos. Guess what! Families think so too. This makes fall one of the most busy times for photographers. Book early and keep in mind that fall colors don't arrive on an exact timeline so be flexible.

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2) Pay Attention! Your school probably has guidelines and deadlines for yearbook submissions. Pay attention to this information and pass it along to your photographer.  This will ensure you have the photos you need when you need them.

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3) Book the right photographer. You're probably thinking any photographer with a camera will do. While a camera is a necessity for taking photos, it's just a tool. You want a photographer who can capture who you are, not just take a photo. It's okay to ask questions. Look at their work. See if it fits your vibe. A good photographer will make you feel comfortable and at ease during your session.

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4) Location. Pick a location that is important to you. These are your memories. This is your story. Do you play sports? Think about photos in the bleachers or on the field.  Is there a place you and your friends hang out? Maybe you're in Drama and can use the stage for a session. Keep in mind that permission may be needed for some locations.

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5) Give me props! No really! Are you in band? Bring your instrument. Won any medals? Bring  them with you. Bring your letterman jacket. Bring a game controller if you play games or bring your favorite book. You can even bring a best friend or a significant other. Remember, this session is about you. This is your story in photographs.

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6) Relax and have fun! What you're feeling comes across in photos so don't be afraid to be silly.  Smile. Laugh. Think about all the exciting things the future holds and enjoy capturing this time in your life!

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7) Hair and makeup. For many this is a must. For some it's a no. My best advice is to do you. If hair and makeup is your jam, book with your stylist with enough time to make it to your session. If not, consider a light amount of cover up for blemishes and a little lip gloss for fun. But for your photographers sanity, please take the hair tie off your wrist.

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That's it. My best advice for your senior session. I hope your senior year is amazing! Enjoy every last second of it. If you're in need of a photographer and don't mind silly jokes send me a message. I'd love to work with you!

Newborn Session {Sandra Jackson Photography Emlenton, Pa}

Is there anything more precious than a new baby? Being a photographer means I get to experience the fullness of life through my lense. From births to weddings, I capture it all. Newborns are a favorite of mine. Take a look at these sweet images and tell me your heart doesn't melt.

Grayson Turns One {Sandra Jackson Photography}

Who doesn't love a vintage pedal car?  This set up is easily one of my favorites!  The red car, the leather jacket, and the vintage gas station backdrop are all so perfect together.  I'll admit that I ended up singing a little Grease Lighting to myself during this session. 
It looks like Grayson really loved his cake!  I mean who doesn't love chocolate?!? 

A Family Affair {Sandra Jackson Photography}

I started out photographing families.  My very first paying client way back in 2006 was the Bluhm family, very dear friends. I've photographed so many families since then. Each family is so unique and so deserving of beautiful memories to hang on their wall. When is the last time your family had photos taken? What are you waiting for?

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