Jeff & Joelle: Backyard Wedding {Sandra Jackson Photography Parker, Pa}

Jeff and Joelle were married at her parents property on a perfect summer day. The kind where it's warm but not too warm, and the light seems to fall beautifully everywhere.  The backdrop for their "I do's"  was a beautiful clearing in the Forrest behind her parents house with rustic log seating plenty of wild flowers and the most beautiful arch! Vintage details decorated the area and candles and tiki torches lit the path. It was truly magical.  

Their wedding was full of sentiment and detail. Joelle carried her mother-in-law's purse and Jeff wore his dad's boots. Both were touching tributes to those who could not be there physicaly but I'm certain we're there in spirit. 

 Joelle's dear friend made each bridesmaid a custom bracelet. They were so delicate and beautiful!

 Joelle's one request was that we stop by this old abandoned church for some photos. She'd always dreamed of getting married there.

Their reception was at Camp Coffman which is the perfect setting!

When I look back at their wedding I remember the laid back fun atmosphere the most. These two love each other and those around them with such authenticity and ease. Some of their friends and family danced into the night. Some sat by the fire gazing up at the stars while others played lawn games. As I packed up my gear I could hear the laughter and see the smiles. It warmed my soul. Happy belated Anniversary you two! I hope you find time to focus on each other during these busy baby days.

Hair & Makeup by Alisha Strittmatter @ Strittmatter Styles

DJ Thomas Best @ Best Entertainment

Minister Gary Brown

Joelle: Maternity Session (Sandra Jackson Photography)

When we scheduled Joelle's maternity session we had no idea it would be one of the hottest days of the year. Joelle is such a trooper. She came to the session after spending the day at a friend's birthday party! Of course she brought her favorite little man with her. Lincoln Was so much fun and I'm sure he is going to be an amazing big brother. I'm so thrilled to have gotten to document this time in their lives and so excited for the new addition to their family!

Susie: AC Valley Senior (Sandra Jackson Photography)

 If I've learned anything in my years as a photographer, I've learned to say yes when a family invites you to take photos on their farm. Susie's senior session part one was on her families farm. Can you believe those hanging baskets?!? Her mom is the flower whisperer. Susie was so sweet and handled all of my "just one more" requests with a smile. I'm really looking forward to part two of her senior session!

Steele Wedding: Foxburg, PA (Sandra Jackson Photography)

Sometimes a wedding sticks with you. The Steele Wedding was just such a wedding. Maybe it was the warm September air, or the magic of the night sky as everyone gathered on the deck for shots at dusk. I'm fairly certain love had something to do with it too. The love these two shared was palpable from the moment we met. It wasn't just the love between the two of them, but the love between them and all of their guests. Their intimate wedding at the Allegheny Grille in Foxburg was the perfect expression of that love. Samantha's thoughtfulness was evident in every detail from the crayons at the children's place settings to the family wedding photos that decorated the table. We all know I'm a big fan of love. This wedding was full of it. 

These two just celebrated their two year anniversary. I hope this glimpse back at their wedding day reminds them of the love and magic that surrounded them then and surrounds them still. I hope they will pause in the middle of a hectic day to kiss a little longer, hug a little tighter, and maybe slow dance in the kitchen. At the end of the day, it's love that matters most. 

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