Tessa & Joey : The Wedding Part Two {Western PA Photographer}

You may remember the first part of Tessa & Joey's wedding at the Silver Fox Theater in Foxburg, PA.  It's about time I finished up that post.  Their wedding was absolutely perfect, and I feel so honored to have played a role in their special day. Tessa is a crafter extraordinaire!  She made all of the decorations and it really gave their wedding a special touch.  I was in love with the colors she chose!

From start to finish their wedding was beautiful.  Every detail was thoughtful and lovely.  
Best Entertainment kept the party going well into the night long after I'd caped my lenses and headed home! 

Tiff Thompson AC Valley 2014 Senior {Western PA Photographer}

Tiff is my daughters best friend.  We had an awesome weekend shopping for outfits and  taking photos.  Our photography adventure included an unexpected location change when we were told that the local bear was in the area.  

 This field of flowers felt like it was put there just for us.  If we hadn't had to run from that bear we never would have found it.
 I can't wait to take some more photos once Tiff gets her new softball uniform and the weather warms up!
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