Tessa & Joe Married at The Silver Fox Theater Part 1 {Western PA Photographer}

Her first words to him were "I want to kiss your face."  That's all it took for Tessa to sweep Joe off his feet.  Though she had seen him and knew of him it took her best friend and maid of honor, Joelle to finally bring these two together.  He proposed on a winter day in Pittsburgh.  She said "Yes!" and the rest, as they say, is history.
It's a history that hasn't been written yet.  Often times at wedding I pause in the middle of my work and watch the smiling faces of people dancing and celebrating.  I look at the bride and groom and can't help but be caught up in their moment.  They don't know it yet, but this is the good stuff.  Forever stretches in front of them and, despite their planning, the journey ahead is a complete mystery.  But this day, surrounded by friends and family, is their starting point; the place they can always return to when they are missing the smile of a loved  one, or when they need reminding of why they began this journey in the first place.
Tessa and Joe, I wish you every joy and happiness on the journey ahead.  I hope that these moments from your wedding day will be a visual reminder of all the love that surrounds you.

There were so many great details I'll have to fill another blog post!  

Hair and Makeup by Strittmatter Styles
Event Site  Silver Fox Theater 
Ceremony Entertainment  Samantha Sears And The Banned
Florist Pam's Florist

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