Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Jonathan: Hot Air Balloon {Western PA Photographer}

I love it when a plan comes together.  When Jonathan's mom, Tabitha, contacted me about doing his portraits I was so excited!  Tabitha and I have been friends since we were kids.  Our grandparents attended the same church and we went to VBS and summer camp together. Getting to see Tabitha and take photos of her adorable son was a perfect combination.  When I sent Tabitha the idea for the hot air balloon photo I was so glad she thought it was a fantastic idea.  Of course, I lie in a small city (the smallest city in the USA to be exact).  We have one small grocery store, two restaurants, and a couple bars.  Finding a balloon big enough required a trip into the big city and a little maneuvering to get the three foot balloon into my car!   It was so worth it.  The photos were so much fun!  It was great to catch up with an old friend! 

jonathanhotairballoon photo jonathanstoryboard_zps75ecb9ad.jpg
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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Eating Our Own

     In the nursing world we have a phrase.  "Nurses eat their young."  I heard this over and over again while in nursing school.  My instructors used it to prepare us for the harsh reality of being a new nurse. It's a strange and somewhat unexplainable phenomenon.  A new nurse heads out into the world of medicine excited and ready to make a difference and is immediately met by more experienced nurses who are determined to show the new nurse just how little he or she knows.  But all nurses start somewhere.  No nurse ever walked out of nursing school knowing everything.  Nursing school is a spring board of sorts.  It teaches the basics.  The rest is learned on the job.  It takes years for a nurse to develop a wide knowledge base.  Some nurses forget this.  They see a new nurse and for whatever reason they attack.  Maybe they feel threatened.  Maybe they are overwhelmed by their job and don't feel they have the time to teach and share.
I'm lucky.  My nursing experience has been full of nurses who were willing to teach and share without ever making me feel less than. 

    I wish someone had told me that photographers eat their young. I wish my photography instructors had prepared me for the harsh reality of the photography world.  The thrill of learning a new technique or mastering new gear can quickly get swallowed up by the harsh critiques of other photographers.  Like nurses, photographers are not born.  No photographer, despite what they claim, picked up a camera and knew everything about how to take the perfect photograph instantly.  The honest photographers will admit that they are still chasing the perfect photograph and still learning.  Just like nursing, it takes years of practice and learning to develop a solid set of photography skills. We all start somewhere.

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bryan Brookville, PA High School Senior {Western PA Photographer}

I first met Bryan at his sister, Amanda's, wedding.  He was a part of the most fun wedding part ever! I was very excited to take his senior photos for him.  we met at Clear Creek State Park, one of my favorite locations.  We weren't sure if the weather would hold out or not, and in fact he had to wait in the rain.  He is such a good sport! He put up  with this crazy photographer and her hilarious posing ideas!

 photo _MG_61431copys_zpsc6560407.jpg

bryanwith SandraJacksonPhotography photo _MG_61201copys_zpsd97d5a0c.jpg

bryanwith SandraJacksonPhotography3 photo _MG_61241copys_zps55b50e86.jpg

bryanwith SandraJacksonPhotography4 photo _MG_61401copys_zps590ea91a.jpg

bryanwith SandraJacksonPhotography2 photo _MG_61231copys_zps16105856.jpg

Bryan, I hope you have an amazing senior year!  Enjoy every minute of it!
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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Kathleen & Chris Elopement Foxburg, PA {Western PA Photographer}

It was a perfect evening for a wedding.  Just as the sun set Kat and Chris met to exchange their vows on a deck overlooking the Allegheny River in Foxburg, PA.  As I watched them exchange vows I imagined my own grandparents eloping several decades ago.  I wondered if they had the same stars in their eyes, the same love struck look that Kat and Chris wore.   There was an entire world around them, but all they seemed to notice was one another.

Congratulations Kat and Chris. I wish you many years of happy crazy love!

katandchrisceremony photo slide1_zpsd8a5896b.jpg

katandchrissand photo slide2_zpsf45d7c98.jpg

katandchrismoondance photo slide4_zps6655ece4.jpg

katandchrisdrinkandcake photo slide3_zps23c117b7.jpg

katandchris photo slide5_zps6d9e4df7.jpg

Event Location : Foxburg Inn
Flowers by : Pam's FloristCake by : My Fair Ladies

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