The Stewart Family { Sandra Jackson Photography}

This family. Man do they have a piece of my heart! Their mama and I met while helping to create Chicken Coop Studio 306, a nonprofit art and education studio in Emlenton, PA. (Seriously, check it out! ) From  the moment I met Sara we clicked.  Our parenting styles (can you call chaos a style) are similar. We both laugh at jokes that involve vegetables (cucumber!) and we love coffee.  If we had nothing else  in common, the coffee would be enough. We talked for months about doing photos.  Sara, more than most, knows the impirtance of capturing the moment. So when the big day ended up being the coldest if the year, we didn't  hesitate. We just layered on the snow suits and went about the business of capturing the beauty that is winter in PA.  

I adore this image. The colors and those sweet frozen faces.
Daph almost got the jump down. I love how she's just hanging on for whatever comes next.
These two. Love love love their love story.

This green garage door is the stuff of photographer dreams and all those coat colors just made me swoon!

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