Arron & Amanda say "I Do" (Sandra Jackson Photography) Parker, Pennsylvania

     Make your way south on Division Ave. until the road narrows to a path lined with trees.  Follow that path until you come to a clearing.  There, nestled in a forest of Pennsylvania  pines lies Maggie's Marina. This was their sanctuary.  The rustling of leaves and bird's song was their music.   I couldn't have imagined a more beautiful place for Arron and Amanda to say "I do!".   The quiet and serene backdrop was the perfect setting for a small and intimate ceremony celebrating their union as husband and wife.

     Amanda will be the first to tell you that the day didn't start as planned.  What wedding ever does?  Missing keys and the possibility of rain made for an interesting morning.  Just when it seemed like nothing would go as planned, the sun came out, hair was styled. and make-up was applied.  Everything came together just as it was meant to and these two had an amazing and beautiful day.

     This last photo of their first dance moves me.  At the end of a long journey to become man and wife there is always the pause.  The gentle knowing that this is the one.  I think this photo captures that moment better than any photo I've taken at a wedding. 

    Congratulations Arron and Amanda.  I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness.

Understand, I’ll slip quietly
Away from the noisy crowd
When I see the pale
Stars rising, blooming over the oaks
I’ll pursue solitary pathways
Through the pale twilit meadows,
With only this one dream:
You come too.
                                              from First Poems, by Rainer Maria Rilke
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