Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Miss Ava {Western PA Photographer}

When Miss Ava's mom first contacted me for a session it was in the middle of winter and so cold outside we worried Ava would freeze.  So we decided to wait until warmer weather.  Luckily, I decided to put a studio in the upstairs and was able to have the session sooner than expected!

Miss Ava came ready to model. she brought cute dresses, great shoes, and a perfect cowgirl hat!  She also brought her super cute smile and the perfect amount of sass!

Tea Party Session Parker, PA Sandra Jackson Photography
Isn't she adorable?  Thanks for coming to the studio Ava! It was so much fun!
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  1. Those are beautiful! She is adorable. Good job!

  2. She is adorable! And you did a great job as usual. Lookin good. Love them all. I love the pink frilly dress and then paired with the awesome cowgirl hat and the last was is just darn sweet. Jungle Jane


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