Friday, October 12, 2012

The Dark Side {The Creativity Project}

    The theme for this months Creativity Project is "The Dark Side".  It just so happens that we at the Jackson house  love Halloween in all it's spooktacular glory!  We've been known to throw and attend murder mystery parties where we dressed up and acted out crazy scenes.  We once dressed up as Marry Poppins and Bert, and I've made crazy little cookies that looked like mice, a jello brain mold, and bloody finger casserole.  My Halloween style leans more to the cutesy fun side while my husbands and daughters lean more to the bloody horror side.  Somehow we always manage to compromise.  These are just a few of the things we have decorating the house along with my own spooky ghost creation.  It was fun to play around with these!


    Here's to a super spooky Halloween!  Stop by and visit Becky for more from The Creativity Project.  Also, don't forget to visit us on Facebook And share your ghostly photos with us! The Creativity Project
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Cowboy Adventure

    The Littlest Cowboy Rides Again by Chris Ledoux


    He's got a broomstick horse called, Dynamite his very favorite friend

    An old steed about four hands high that runs just like the wind

    There's not an outlaw in the badlands that he can't apprehend

    Whoopee ti yo, the littlest cowboy rides again


    When the other kids are lost in space, in plastic rocket ships

    Well he's meetin' bad guys face to face with a big iron on his hip

    Fear's a word he's heard but it don't mean a thing to him

    Whoopee ti yo, the littlest cowboy rides again


    There's a cook named Mom back at the ranch but she just don't understand

    That cowboys always wear their hat in the house And they never wash their hands

    They eat beef and beans, not squash and greens And don't need tuckin' in

    Whoopee ti yo, the littlest cowboy rides again


    He's got a hat and a badge and a chaw in his jaw and licorice on his chin

    He's kind to ladies and cats and dogs but he's hard on wanted men

    He ain't the truck drivin' drug store rhinestone kind 'Cause they're just all pretend

    Whoopee ti yo, the littlest cowboy rides again 



    I love my little cowboy and his wild imagination! the idea for this session came from a name my grandpa said his dad used to call him, Wog Tail Wiggins.  He called my grandpa's sister Knee High. I often think about Wog Tail Wiggins and Knee High and the amazing adventures the must have had.  Thanks to Free Digital Photography Tutorials for helping me pull this one off!

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Feeling Fall

I typically dread fall.  Don't get me wrong. I love the brilliant colors of the changing leaves, pulling out the sweaters and boots, and trips to the pumpkin patch as much as the next person.  I look forward to festivities of Halloween and family and food that come along with Thanksgiving.  It's what follows fall that makes me cringe.  The bitter cold, endless snowfall, and shortened days of winter.

    This fall feels different.  I find myself relaxing into the shortened days.  I watch as the sun sets earlier each day by minutes and I feel grateful for a longer period of rest.  I'm looking forward to the calm still days of winter, to watching smoke rise quietly from chimneys, and the sweet silence that comes with new fallen snow.

    It's been a difficult summer.  I feel the need to retreat and recoup.

    Hayden and I went for a Fall walk last week.  We soaked up the crisp fresh air, brilliant colors,  and wonder of nature.  It's fun to see the world through his eyes, to get caught up in the smallest of miracles along with him. He loves caterpillars.  We watched this one for quite a while.  He imagined that this little guy was racing to catch up with his family who was on an adventure.  We walked for a little bit to look for the family, but couldn't find them.  As we walked away from him Hayden talked about how he would turn in to a cocoon and then and amazing butterfly.  He hopes that when we return in the spring we'll see him and say hi.


    We ended our walk with a leaf fight and conversations about the possibility of ice cream as a breakfast food.
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