Monday, September 10, 2012

The Creativity Project: Life at my house.

One of my favorite poems is Lesson 1 by Julie Hill Alger.  When I found out what we would be doing for The Creativity Project this month, I was inspired by this poem to capture the every day of my life.  It's easy to get  caught up in the idea that life has to be about something other than the simple moments in order to be beautiful.  This poem reminds me that life most beautiful in it's simple moments.


    Lesson 1 by Julie Hill Alger

    At least I've learned this much:

    Life doesn't have to be

    all poetry and roses. Life

    can be bus rides, gritty sidewalks,

    electric bills, dishwashing,

    chapped lips, dull stubby pencils

    with the erasers chewed off,

    cheap radios played too loud,

    the rank smell of stale coffee

    yet still glow

    with the inner fire of an opal,

    still taste like honey.


    -Julie Alger


    My life is not perfect.  My house is not always clean. My floors are always a mess.  There are usually toys strewn throughout the living room and a stack of unsorted papers on the desk.  The dogs bark and jump on the furniture.  The beauty of life isn't found in moments of perfection.  It's found when we realize that beauty exists outside of perfection. 

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