Thursday, May 31, 2012

Photography Basics :Understanding ISO

The downside to increasing ISO is that it causes images to be grainy.  Those little light catchers show up as grain in an image.  The smaller the number the smaller the grain.  The larger the number the bigger the grain.  You always want to weigh your benefit/risk when it comes to high ISO's.  If you are looking for a super sharp image a higher ISO may not be the best option.


    For those who need a visual reference, here is a series of images.  Each of these were taken with an 85mm prime lens.  My shutter speed was set to 1/60 and my aperture was 3.5.  The only thing that changed was the ISO.  Notice how the amount of light increases with each photograph.  Later on this will mean something, but for now I want you to focus on the fact that the higher the ISO the more light and the larger the grain the image will have.

    ISO100 This image was taken at ISO 100.


    ISO200This image was taken at ISO 200.

    ISO400 This image was taken at ISO 400.

    ISO800This image was taken at ISO 800.

    ISO1600 This image was taken at ISO 1600.


    Now it's your turn.  Pick an object in an area that gets low light.  Set your shutter speed to 1/60th and aperture to 3.5 and then don't touch them.  Take a series of images and only adjust your ISO setting.  Pay attention to how the light is increased and the amount of grain in the images.  Come back here and post what you've done!  I can't wait to see!

    Next week we'll tackle shutter speed!

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Tabi {Senior Session}

 Changing in a park, walking across a wobbly bridge, and enjoying a perfectly sunny afternoon.  This session was so much fun and Tabi is so beautiful!  I love her country style and attitude!

 photo IMG_530512123copys_zpsa82d0168.jpg

 photo IMG_528912123copys_zpsf03853c3.jpg

 photo IMG_528212123copys_zps5c5f9d75.jpg

 photo IMG_527412123s-Copy_zpsa68850ce.jpg
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Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Perry Family

    You may remember 300 Fan Giveaway from back in November. The lucky winner, Karen, won a complimentary session for her family.  After months of waiting, the weather finally provided the perfect early evening for portraits.  I met with Karen, Les, and Todd at Alameda Park in Butler, PA.  In talking with them I learned that they had not had portraits taken since her son was very young.  Isn't this the case with so many of us?  I know my family has not had portraits taken since Hayden was an infant, and he will be four in September!  Life gets crazy.  We put off family portraits for so many reasons, but in all of those waiting moments life is happening.  Our children are growing, we are getting older, things are changing.   I read a quote recently about how a photograph freezes a moment in time.  We almost never realize it in the moment, but years later we appreciate it more that we ever imagined.  I have a family photograph of my parents, my two sisters and myself.  In the portrait I'm about two.  It's been thirty-one years since that photo was taken, and everything about it has changed.  My parents are divorced and have been for a very long time.  My sisters and I have grown up and have families of our own.  The fashion scene of the early 80's has thankfully been replaced.  Still when I look at that photo I remember my dads starched blue shirt, my mom's big 80's hair, and the feeling of being a part of that family.  Wherever life takes me that story will always be a part of me, and I am so glad I have that photo to remember it.  I am equally glad that I was able to capture a part of the Perry family's story.  Their son Todd just turned 16.  In a few years he will be graduating and moving on to college.  Their family will change and shift as all families do.  I hope these portraits capture their family in a way that always reminds each of them that they are a part of something special.

    Perry Family Buttler, PA Perry Family Buttler, PAPerry Family Buttler, PAPerry Family Butler, PAPerry Family Butler, PAPerry Family Butler, PAPerry Family  Butler, PAPerry Family Butler, PAPerry Family Butler, PA
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