Monday, October 17, 2011

You don't need it...

When I started out in photography it was purely for the fun of it.  My friend and I signed up for a photography class at the De Anza community college.  She had a shiny new SLR and I had an ancient Minolta with a handful of lenses and a few filters.  Under the guidance of our professor, Sita, we learned the in's and out's of our cameras.  We learned all about f-stop, shutter speed, ISO, focus, composition, and of course developing, cropping, dodging, and burning our images.

I remember the feeling of my first DSLR and my amazement at all of it's cool functions and features.  It's been five years and I'm still amazed by the capabilities of DSLR's.  I've learned so much in the past five years.  Along the way I've fallen into many "you must have this" and "buy the latest and greatest" traps.  I've lusted after gear that cost enough to feed a small country for a year and convinced myself that I just couldn't go on with out all bells and whistles.

What I wish someone would have told me is that there are going to be a multitude of people who want to sell you things to make your business better.  They'll throw everything from a shiny new camera body to a flashy new web template at you.  They'll try and convince you that if you want your business to grow or if you want to be a better photographer you have to have it.  Most of it will be good, the majority of it won't be necessary.  This push to buy the next big thing leads many photographers into building their business backwards.  They spend like crazy and then expect the money to come flowing in.  I don't know many businesses that work that way.  Most start from the ground up.  Buy the basics get the clients and then build. It's a slow and sometimes tedious process, but it's tried and true.

I recently bought the OneLight DVD from Zack Arias.  It's amazing!  His straight forward teaching style coupled with being able to see him work on location is so helpful!  At a time when I was considering buying more and more gear for my business this DVD was just what I needed.  A firm reminder that it's not all about the gear.  Others will tell you that it is, but it just isn't true. Sure some gear can make the job easier, but the job can get done with a solid body, quality glass, a good off camera flash and a firm understanding of the magic triangle.  I hope I am able to keep this in mind as I continue to grow my business and perfect my craft. Getting back to the simplicity of shooting without worrying about what new gear I "need" has been so nice! Working with less helps me to improve my photography in ways I hadn't known that it would!

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  1. Thank you!! Helps when someone reminds us that sometimes simpler is better! :)


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